Pakistan blind cricket team captain critical after consuming acidThe captain of Pakistan’s blind cricket team was shifted to a hospital in critical condition after he mistakenly drank acid from a bottle which was supposed to contain water, Express News reported on Saturday.

Captain Zeeshan Abbasi – who is leading the country in the Blind Twenty 20 series underway in Banglore – consumed the hazardous substance from a bottle on his table.

“The mineral water bottles were given to us everyday; the acid was in one of those bottles,” said the team manager.

The manager said that since the entire team is blind, they did not know that there was acid inside the bottle instead of water.

“How can this be a mistake? How was it on the breakfast table?” he enquired.

Chairman Blind Cricket Council Sultan Shah – speaking to Express News – was shocked by the incident and said that such a thing had never happened before.

Just yesterday, Abbasi led the team to its fourth consecutive win in the tournament, and that too against India. Pakistan beat India by eight wickets.

Why the acid was placed on his table or who put it there is under investigation, said the chairman.

Abbasi was shifted to a hospital where he is under treatment he confirmed, adding that they had an argument with the hotel management over the incident.

The hotel management has assured the chairman that they will check through CCTV footage and find the reason behind the incident.